Body motion analysis
Estimation of body pose and body motion from video source and extraction of data such as current activity, direction, position of different body parts and much more.

AI Care

Solution for medical & care companies as an alternative for 24/7 nursing service.

Detection of human behaviour anomalies such as fall or waving hand for help. In such case system immediately notifies operator to check if case requires visit or help.

Facial symptoms recognition

Systems assists medical workers to analyze patients's facial motion and recognize possible symptoms of diseeses.

As currently more visits to doctor are migrating online, such technologies can provide useful data for medical staff.

Our tecHnology providers

Huawei ModelArts

Cloud framework by Huawei for Data preprocessing, labeling, distributed training, automated model building, and model deployment.

Amazon Rekognition

Cloud-based computer vision as a service platform by Amazon to identify objects and scenes in images and video.

Vision AI

Cloud solution by Google for custom and pre-trained machine learning models to detect emotion, recognise objects and more.

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