Recognition & tracking
Object detection, tracking and recognition of its features by analysis of static image or video.

Just Walk Out

Solution for retail business to implement contactless checkout.

Take products from a counter and they will be automatically recognized, tracked and added to your virtual cart which is linked to your account and preferred payment method.

Simply leave the shop and your order will be automatically submitted.


Solution for public security authorities and municipal services to assist them on public order and maintaining of public areas.

It detects graffiti or tags and reports locations of illegal drawings to responsible cleaning services.

Surveillance solution analyzes public area usage over CCTV video, recognizes anomalies in social behaviour.


Assists sellers to find catalog relationships based on product types and features recognition.

Just upload your product images and system will automatically recognize different types of products, related products and their features based on visual analysis.

Our tecHnology providers

Huawei ModelArts

Cloud framework by Huawei for Data preprocessing, labeling, distributed training, automated model building, and model deployment.

Amazon Rekognition

Cloud-based computer vision as a service platform by Amazon to identify objects and scenes in images and video.

Vision AI

Cloud solution by Google for custom and pre-trained machine learning models to detect emotion, recognise objects and more.

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