Robotic vision
Robotic systems guidance based on visual data.

Last-meters vehicles

Helps autonomous vehicles to navigate and avoid collisions.

Solutions for low-speed and short-distance autonomous vehicles which can be used for transportation of packages from a delivery van to recipient's place or vehicles that carry garbage containers to the garbage truck.

Automated production

Provides visual guidance to robotic arms for objects manipulation.

One of use-cases is fast-food and delivery market where CV and robotic technologies are used to automate production.

Automated quality inspection over visual quality gates designed to recognize defects, provide coordinates and other useful data for production machines or personnel.

Our tecHnology providers

Huawei ModelArts

Cloud framework by Huawei for Data preprocessing, labeling, distributed training, automated model building, and model deployment.

Amazon Rekognition

Cloud-based computer vision as a service platform by Amazon to identify objects and scenes in images and video.

Vision AI

Cloud solution by Google for custom and pre-trained machine learning models to detect emotion, recognise objects and more.

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