Visual Synthesis
Generation and injection of visual content into original visual data.

Low to high definition

Alternative to classical compression & decompression methods based on neural networks to populate low-definition videos or pictures with predicted and generated pixels.

Personalized content

Manipulates and replaces visual data in streaming video or pictures to provide personalized content such as ads, translations or objects.

Provides media production and entertainment companies with the cutting edge solutions to create and deliver new types of media services and products.

Our tecHnology providers

Huawei ModelArts

Cloud framework by Huawei for Data preprocessing, labeling, distributed training, automated model building, and model deployment.

Amazon Rekognition

Cloud-based computer vision as a service platform by Amazon to identify objects and scenes in images and video.

Vision AI

Cloud solution by Google for custom and pre-trained machine learning models to detect emotion, recognise objects and more.

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